In season two - we travel from Canada's Southwest border, set amongst the spectacular Puget Sound islands of Washington State, to the Alaskan Panhandle in the North. This stretch of marine perimeter is measured at 1000 km in a straight line - but the fjords, winding inlets and more than 40,000 islands add up to more than 25,000 km of winding waterways.

From Victoria to Alaska we survey the cities, towns and rugged wilderness of this coast - and the peoples that have settled here - exploring the centuries old traditions of Canada's First Nations peoples, and the early European settlements that made British Columbia one of North America's Final Frontiers.

From the air, we have the rare opportunity to explore the world's top wildlife and nature reserves from viewpoints never imagined - including marine sanctuaries, glaciers, Grizzly bear habitats, and the spectacular Coastal mountain range.

On the ground, we explore the cultural and historical secrets locked in the contours of this coastline - from the Pacific Temperate rainforests unique in the world - to Cold War mysteries - to awe inspiring wildlife photographers, and a First Nations culture that thrives - from the mainland to the spectacular archipelago of Haida Gwaii.